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The News Journal Story on Ebony DuPont’s Custody Battle Mentions Gretchen Knight’s Six-Year Effort as a Pro Bono Attorney

February 6, 2017
The News Journal

Morris James Partner Gretchen Knight was referenced in the story posted on Delaware Online titled, “Boy returns from Puerto Rico after an 8-year custody battle.” In 2011, Ms. Knight was asked to accept a pro bono case for Ebony Dupont, a Delaware mother fighting a custody battle for her son, Omar, who was being held in Puerto Rico by his grandmother, Maria Pacheco Albino. Delaware Online wrote, “Knight's firepower helped get a court order from a judge in Delaware directing Pacheco Albino to return Omar to his mother. But the order could never be successfully registered in Puerto Rico, because a judge denied its validity, saying Pacheco Albino was not properly served.” Ms. Knight continued to work on Ms. Dupont’s case for the next six years, and after the eight-year custody battle, Omar is now back in the custody of his mother. To read the full story on Delaware Online, please click here.