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Court of Chancery Dismisses ABC Proceeding for Failure to Comply with Statute

In re Windmil Therapeutics Inc., C.A. No. 2023-1294-PAF (Del. Ch. Mar. 13, 2024)
This case dealt with the voluntary assignment for the benefit of creditors under 10 Del. C. § 7381, et seq. The ABC statute requires several actions, including the filing of an inventory, which has typically involved the assignee filing a motion for two appraisers. After the appraisal has been provided, the statute requires that the Court fix a bond. Due to the fact that these proceedings may be ex parte and lack transparency, Delaware courts have issued rulings requiring more details from assignees and establishing firm deadlines that are not present in the ABC statute. In this case, the assignee violated the statute by failing to file an inventory within 30 days of the execution of the assignment. Furthermore, the assignee sought to seek approval of a bond prior to the appointment of appraisers, and one of the appraisals was unsigned and marked as a draft. Therefore, because of these statutory violations, the Court dismissed the ABC proceeding.

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