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Court of Chancery Interprets Charter For Preferred Stock

Blue Chip Capital Fund II Limited Partnership v. Tuberger, C.A. No. 1611-N (Del. Ch. August 22, 2006). The Court of Chancery frequently is called upon to interpret a corporate certificate of incorporation. In this decision, the Court held that a certificate provision permitting a corporation to withhold a reserve for contingent liabilities in connection with calculating the liquidation preference for preferred shareholders did not automatically authorize the board to hold back the highest possible amount, even if doing so was unreasonable based on objective factors. The Court also held that the authority granted by 8 Del C. §281 to hold back a reserve for continent liabilities did not authorize the board to do so under the charter. Instead, the terms of the certificate need be interpreted on its own terms. The Court also again held that a breach of contract claim cannot be converted into a breach of fiduciary duty claim when the two claims substantially overlap. This is settled Delaware law when the relief for the breach of contract claim will make the plaintiff whole. Share


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