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Delaware District Court Interprets Amended FRCP

The first Delaware opinion that has been issued that addresses either sanctions or proportionality under the new Federal Rules is GN Netcom, Inc. v. Plantronics, Inc.[1] Plaintiff GN Netcom, Inc. (“GN”) filed a motion for sanctions against defendant Plantronics, Inc. (“Plantronics”) after a long discovery dispute that centered around the “intentional and admitted deletion of emails” by one of Plantronics’s senior executives and his directives to other members of his team to delete emails. More ›

Looking Back on 2014: The 7 Most Important eDiscovery Cases in Delaware - Part 6

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This is the sixth in a series of posts summarizing the 7 most important eDiscovery cases in Delaware in 2014.

Gloria James v. National Financial LLC, and Loan Till Payday LLC, C.A. No. 8931–VCL, December 5, 2014.

Ian McCauley previously summarized James v. National Financial in our blog post of December 29, 2014 which highlighted Delaware Counsel's discovery obligations as well as the sanctions that may be imposed for not complying with those obligations.  The original post can be read in its entirety here:,court-of-chancery-clarifies-delaware-counsels-role-in-discovery.

The three key points made by Vice Chancellor Laster in his opinion were: More ›