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Ian McCauley Weighs in on the Implementation of New E-discovery Platforms

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August 2, 2021

Clients of Thomson Reuters' retiring eDiscovery Point service will soon need to find a replacement. Partner Ian McCauley was interviewed by ALM Media to discuss the migration from one e-discovery vendor to another, including its impact on both the human and operational resources of small and midsize law firms.

Ian, who leads the firm’s eDiscovery practice, pointed out that a provider may be less inclined to help migrate a client who, for example, is simply looking for a better deal elsewhere. Absent internal dedication and support for a new product, firms could find themselves in a bit of a crunch. 

“If you’re a small or a medium-sized firm, you may not have a dedicated person, whether it’s the head of litigation support or an e-discovery attorney to kind of shepherd that process. And the question is: Where are you going to find the time if you don’t have that person?,” he said. 

Firms may also be surprised to find that transitioning to a new e-discovery platform won’t cost them nearly as much as it may have in the past. Ian also noted that data processing fees have declined as vendors move to lure more customers onto their platform, where hosting fees or the cost of doing a review can help make up the difference. 

“Migration into a big platform used to be an absolute nightmare from a cost perspective. And now it’s really not,” he said. 

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