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Similac Infant Formula Recall Litigation

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If you think your child may have been affected by contaminated Similac baby formula, contact us today.


Morris James is investigating claims of infant illness and death related to the potential contamination of Similac baby formula and associated recalls. If you think your child was affected by contaminated baby formula, our attorneys can help you find answers to your questions, and pursue the people and companies who are responsible for this atrocity.

During 2021, a number of whistleblower complaints alleged unsanitary conditions and unsafe practices at the Abbott Nutrition plant in Sturgis, Michigan. An FDA investigation and site inspection began revealed cronobacter sakazakii and salmonella newport in the plant. Both can cause serious and fatal illnesses, including fever, poor feeding, bowel damage, sepsis, and meningitis in infants. Around the same time, the FDA received complaints about cronobacter and salmonella infections in babies who had consumed formula produced at the plant, and tragically, the death of one infant. 

In February 2022, Abbott Nutrition began a series of voluntary recalls of certain powdered infant formula produced at the Sturgis plant, and ultimately stopped all production at the plant. Following corrective actions, the plant reopened in June 2022, but even as production resumes, we are finding out more about problems at the plant. It is now known that the FDA received multiple reports of illnesses and at least 9 infant deaths after consuming formula from Abbott’s Sturgis plant, and that both the FDA and Abbott received a complaint about unsanitary practices at the plant as early as February 2021.

Many families are now asking questions about what Abbott knew and did, or did not do, to ensure that the formula they produced was safe for infants to consume. Children and families who may have been harmed by Abbott Nutrition are entitled to answers, and may be entitled to financial compensation for their injury and loss.

If you think your child may have been affected by contaminated Similac baby formula, we can help. At Morris James, our attorneys have been standing up for victims since we opened our doors in 1932. If you have questions about the Similac infant formula recall litigation, contact us online or call us at 302.655.2599.



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