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Healthcare Industry Services

handling all legal matters related to healthcare and medicine

Related Services include Litigation, Real Estate, Tax, Estates and Business Practice, Employment, Government Relations, Bankruptcy, Business Transactions, and Personal Injury.


Morris James focuses on achieving healthcare clients’ business and social objectives in the increasingly regulated industry environment, and also recognizes that those in the healthcare profession have unique personal legal needs. To meet these individual legal needs, Morris James lawyers provide counsel on matters such as the tax-efficient use of affiliated real estate companies, passing wealth on to the next generation through strategic use of trusts and other planning techniques, and long-term asset protection. Our goal is to provide our healthcare clients with the same continuity of care in legal services that they seek to provide their patients, and therefore often coordinate a broad range of legal services for a single client seamlessly within the firm. Healthcare Team leader Kimberly Hoffman helps clients build a suite of services and an appropriate Morris James legal team so clients can focus on the healthcare business, not managing legal matters.

Healthcare industry team members are thought leaders in Delaware healthcare and are drawn from the firm’s Litigation, Real Estate, Tax, Estates and Business Practice, Employment, Government Relations, Bankruptcy, Business Transactions, and Personal Injury practice groups in all of the firm’s Delaware offices. Our client base benefits from this range of coordinated services, experience, and healthcare knowledge. In addition to all Delaware state and federal courts, our attorneys regularly appear before medical licensing and disciplinary boards, and also before facility licensing boards, the Board of Pharmacy, and the Delaware General Assembly on matters of importance to the industry. Clients seeking to acquire, construct, or expand existing facilities seek the firm’s representation before local zoning boards.


The Morris James Healthcare Industry Team represents both individuals and businesses of all sizes, working in all aspects of healthcare and medicine. Some of the clients and situations we have experience assisting with include:

  • Physicians and physicians’ groups in need of medical malpractice defense or other representation in charges of professional negligence
  • Clinics, nursing homes and other care providers involved in licensing, purchase and sale, bankruptcy or business litigation Nursing homes and long-term care centers accused of neglect or abuse
  • Pharma and medical device manufacturers facing product liability issues
  • Any business or individual in need of assistance navigating healthcare intellectual property laws
  • Organizations that have been victims of data breaches or accused of noncompliance with HIPAA or other related regulatory standards
  • Banks, developers and investors in healthcare assets Pharmacies seeking outsourcing and similar permits

Healthcare Facilities, Systems and Products

For more information on the acquisition, construction, leasing, and finance of new and expanding facilities, as well as representative matters in Delaware, please visit the practice descriptions for Real Estate and Land Use. If you own intellectual property related to a drug or medical advice, please visit the practice description for Intellectual Property Litigation. If you are concerned about new laws or regulations impacting an existing service or facility, please visit the practice description for Government Relations. If you have claims against a company that has declared bankruptcy or are considering reorganization or liquidation of assets, please visit the practice description for Bankruptcy. If you seek help developing internal policies to comply with current employment laws and best practices, have been the subject of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Delaware Department of Labor investigation, or have received from your current or former employees an employment related claim, please visit the practice description for Employment. Tax, Estates and Business practice members provide planning advice on Federal and State tax matters, as well as transactional services for business formations, acquisitions and combinations. Corporate boards rely on the knowledge of the Corporate Advice Practice to guide decisions by boards of directors and members of other entities such as limited liability companies. The Business Litigation Group handles general business disputes, such as those with suppliers. 

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

In today’s healthcare environment, the practicing physician realizes now more than ever that there is a dynamic business side to medicine in addition to the professional skills they acquired through years of school and training. The members of Morris James' Healthcare Industry Team have a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of physicians and their practices in today’s complex healthcare environment. Our depth of experience in counseling on tax, business, employment, and real estate matters compliments our healthcare expertise to provide the cutting-edge knowledge and coordinated services necessary to the development and implementation of a proactive strategic plan. Team members who defend medical malpractice actions and address licensing issues are invaluable resources in developing practical approaches to peer review and other strategies aimed, first and foremost, at prevention. Even the firm’s Personal Injury Group has been instrumental in positively impacting  physicians' bottom lines by assuring full payment of medical bills for injured patients.

We have formed and regularly represent individual physician practices, as well as many of the State’s largest physician groups, in all aspects of their practice, proactively guiding them through the ever-changing healthcare environment as it impacts their chosen specialty and their profession as a whole. Whether independently owned or properly affiliated with the physicians’ practice, surgery centers and imaging centers are an important component of the efficient delivery of medicine, and also rely upon our proven knowledge in healthcare together with our broadbased expertise in the areas of business, tax and real estate. On a national level, the firm coordinates the acquisition and disposition of healthcare related property and multi-jurisdictional litigation as national coordinating counsel and local counsel. With our representation of individual practitioners as well as physician groups of varying sizes, Morris James has the knowledge and resources to provide sophisticated healthcare representation to physicians in each phase of their practice -- from determination of the proper choice of entity for the practice, compensation arrangements to provide both individual and practice-wide incentives, to strategic business and succession planning for the ongoing growth of the practice. In addition, we provide related services on matters such as the tax-efficient use of affiliated real estate companies, passing wealth to the next generation through strategic use of trusts and other planning techniques, and asset protection strategies to preserve assets long term. Clients seek the assistance of our Morris James Healthcare Industry Team for a wide range of issues across various areas of expertise including Employment, Taxation, Real Estate, Commercial Transactions, Land Use, Business Litigation, and Corporate Advice.

Counseling and Implementation

  • Formation and Organization
  • Funding/Financial Considerations
  • Startup and Transitional Matters, including proper use of “Tail “ coverage for Claims-Made potential from Prior Practices
  • General Operation and Management
  • Regulatory Compliance, including Stark and Anti-Kickback issues
  • Hiring and Promotion decisions, such as the negotiation of Employment Arrangements, Production-Based

Compensation and Related Issues

  • Effective termination decision-making and communication processes
  • Respective Rights and Duties among Physicians as Shareholder-Employees
  • Separation from Employment, including Retirement, Death, Disability and Resignation
  • Liquidated Damages imposed as Disincentive for Starting/Joining Competing Practice
  • Shareholder/Ownership Matters, including Practice Succession and Considerations for Consolidation
  • Acquisition, Sale, Development and Leasing of Real Estate and Equipment
  • Peer Review, including Compliance with new Delaware reporting laws relating to Patient Abuse
  • Healthcare related contracts with government agencies, drafting and lobbying for passage of legislation and regulation




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