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Wilmington Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Personal Injury Practice in Wilmington, DE

Personal Injury Attorneys in Wilmington, Delaware

If you have been injured in a car or other type of accident in Wilmington, DE, you may be considering legal action. Getting the compensation you deserve can help you move forward and heal emotionally as well as physically. You need a personal injury attorney who will represent your best interests and fight for your cause. 

The attorneys at the Morris James Personal Injury Group help our clients return to the lives they enjoyed before the accident. We don't rest until we have reached the most desirable outcome in your case. We fight to make your voice heard and to prevent what happened to you from happening to anyone else. Our Wilmington personal injury lawyers do everything in our power to support you and look out for your legal needs throughout your recovery. 

Cases Our Wilmington Personal Injury Attorneys Represent

We have six offices located throughout the state. The accident lawyers at our two Wilmington locations handle the same types of cases as those in the other five cities. Our clients can pick the location closest to them, making meetings more convenient. Though the location may vary, the service and dedication we offer our clients stays the same.

We can assist clients who have been injured due to a number of circumstances. The types of personal injury cases we represent include: 

  • Wrongful Death Cases: This may include a variety of cases, such as transportation accidents at work or a boating accident. 
  • Traffic and Drunk Driving Accidents: Can include car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accidents, whether or not alcohol is involved.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries: Falls often caused by either neglect or carelessness, such as not cleaning up a spill.
  • Workers' Compensation Accidents: Any accident that occurs at work and results in an injury, such as a concussion, laceration or sprain. 
  • Product Liability Injuries: An accident that stems from hidden defects or defective processes used to make a product.
  • Premises Liability: Injuries that happen on someone's property.
  • Other Personal Injury Cases: Instances that don't fall into other categories, like dog bites or mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure.

Whether you have sustained moderate, severe or brain injuries, we can help you with your case. 

Types of Damages You Can Receive Compensation for in Delaware

The state recognizes three types of damages for personal injury cases. Economic damages are the calculable damages resulting directly from your injury, such as medical bills or lost wages from the time you miss at work. 

Often referred to as pain and suffering, non-economic damages are awarded based on the mental anguish you have sustained for your injury. These are more difficult to calculate, as they put a price on effects such as depression or insomnia that resulted from the injury. You can even calculate loss of companionship under non-economic damages.

Punitive damages, the third type, are awarded rarely. They mainly serve as punishment to the negligent party or when personal injury occurs as a result of malice.

How Our Wilmington Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

When you have sustained injuries, you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of pursuing litigation. Put your case in our hands. While you concentrate on getting better, let us handle tasks such as fact-finding or contacting doctors. We know Wilmington and have worked with many people in the medical and law enforcement community. This helps us perform our jobs better and get you the most effective results. 

Contact or Visit the Morris James Personal Injury Group in Wilmington

Stop by our Downtown Wilmington office to discuss your personal injury case with our attorneys. Fill out a contact form or call (302) 888-6800 to schedule a meeting today.

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