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What compensation can I seek after an accident in Delaware?

After an accident or injury, victims often have many worries. Usually, their main concern is their health. Receiving proper medical care and therapies to support recovery should be the most important focus. However, the injuries and that treatment can leave an accident victim unable to work. Faced with a loss of income and mounting medical bills, victims are often worried about how they will meet their financial obligations. During what is already a difficult time, victims should not have to worry about whether they will be able to continue to receive medical care or wonder how they will support their families until they can return to work. To that end, the state of Delaware allows victims to file a personal injury claim against those responsible for their accident and resulting injuries. These claims seek compensation to help victims and their families to receive appropriate medical treatment and continue to live a stable, secure life. More ›


Supersport Motorcycles Risks And Dangers

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High-performance "supersport" motorcycles can be deadly. Learn what makes them so dangerous and what to do if you were injured in a supersport motorcycle crash. More ›

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