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What is Gap Insurance?

Posted In Car Accidents

One of the most frustrating circumstances is when your car is totaled and the amount owed on your car is greater than the fair market value of your car. The total loss value is paid directly to the finance company, you have no car, and you still owe money on your wrecked car – which is now in the junkyard.  This situation can be avoided by obtaining gap insurance at the time of purchasing your vehicle.  Gap insurance will literally pay for the “gap” that exists between the fair market value of your car and the amount owed to the finance company.


How much is my claim worth?

The value of any type of personal injury case involves a variety of factors, including:  the type of injury; the frequency of treatment; the length of time the effects of the injury last (any permanent effects?); the impact on the injured person’s activities of daily living; the prior medical history of the injured person; and whether medical expenses and lost wages may be claimed in the case. Taking into consideration all of these factors, the overall value of a case is based upon what juries have awarded in similar prior cases. More ›


What if my accident was caused by someone with no insurance?

If there is uninsured motorist (“UM”) coverage available, you will have a claim. Under Delaware law, uninsured motorist coverage applies in four situations: More ›

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