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Navigating the Holiday Roads with Care and Empathy

Cultivating Knowledge and Advocacy for Safer Journeys

In the wake of a fatal crash on Milton-Ellendale Highway in Milton, Delaware, on December 15, our hearts ache. Our deepest condolences to all those impacted by this tragedy. 

This incident serves as a somber reminder to prioritize responsible driving practices, promote empathy on the roads, and acknowledge the vulnerability that all drivers share. More ›


Navigating the Roads: Understanding the Complex Landscape of Motorcycle Safety

Empathy, Education, and Advocacy for Safer Journeys More ›


How do I obtain a car accident police report in Delaware?

Posted In Car Accidents

When police are summoned to a car crash, the responding officer talks to those involved, surveys the scene, and completes an accident report. This report usually contains the opinions of the investigating officer, as well as detailed information about the accident, including: More ›

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