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UPDATE: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Expands Access to Courts for Medical Malpractice Cases

To expand court access for victims of medical malpractice, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently changed its venue rules for medical malpractice cases. Prior to this change, medical malpractice victims were required to file their case where their claim arose. Now, the new rules permit victims of medical malpractice to file their cases in any county in the state, subject to a few restrictions. This significantly broadens the ability of plaintiffs to pursue a case and serves to apply the same venue rules, regardless of the type of case. The rules will go into effect in January 2023.

Our medical malpractice lawyers of Morris James represent victims of medical malpractice in Pennsylvania and will use the new venue rules to ensure our clients receive a fair trial and the compensation they deserve. Our medical malpractice lawyers represent victims in all Pennsylvania counties and cities, including Philadelphia.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a mistake by a healthcare professional in Pennsylvania, we may be able to help. Our attorneys at Morris James are available to talk to you about your rights and the options that you have at this difficult time. Contact us online or call for a free consultation.

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