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What about my car and my property damage?

Your property damage claim can be presented to either your insurance carrier (if you have collision coverage) OR to the insurance carrier of the party responsible for causing the accident. You decide which insurance carrier you prefer to handle your property damage claim. Whichever insurance carrier handles the claim will arrange for an estimate of the damage to your car. Typically, if the estimate of repair is 80% or less than the total value of the car, the repairs will be made.

While the car is being repaired, you are entitled to a rental if there is rental coverage available. If you have rental coverage under your own policy, it is typically limited to around $25 per day for 30 days. At $25 per day, it is often difficult to find a rental vehicle comparable to the one you were driving. However, if your claim is being handled by the insurance company of the at-fault driver (the “liability carrier”), they are required to provide a rental vehicle comparable to your own. 

In addition to paying for the rental, the liability carrier is obligated to pay for towing from the accident scene and storage costs for a reasonable period of time.

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