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Why should I hire an attorney?

Being involved in a serious accident can throw your entire world into chaos and leave you with a lot to consider, including whether taking legal action is appropriate. If you do decide to exercise your legal rights and pursue compensation for injuries sustained in an accident that was caused by another person's negligence, you may find yourself wondering if it's really necessary to hire an attorney to represent you. While the short and technical answer to that question is “no,” there are many instances where hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is not only wise, but offers you the best possible chance of achieving a successful outcome in your case. More ›


What happens to my workers' compensation claim if the company I was working for goes out of business in DE?

An on-the-job injury can temporarily—and sometimes, permanently—put construction workers out of commission. When this happens, workers often rely on workers' compensation benefits to help make ends meet. More ›


Delaware Workers Compensation Temporary Total Disability Lawyers

When a Delaware workplace injury or illness leaves an employee unable to work for a specific period of time, temporary total disability benefits can fill the wage gap. More ›

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