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What happens to my workers' compensation claim if the company I was working for goes out of business in DE?

An on-the-job injury can temporarily—and sometimes, permanently—put construction workers out of commission. When this happens, workers often rely on workers' compensation benefits to help make ends meet.

For injured construction workers who are counting on workers' compensation benefits to cover their medical expenses, or provide temporary total or partial disability payments, learning that the construction company they worked for has gone out of business can be concerning. Many workers in this situation find themselves wondering what will happen to their workers' compensation claim and whether their benefits will suddenly stop.

Securing Workers’ Compensation Benefits Is Not Impossible in Delaware

While the closing of a business can cause some minor delays in the processing of new claims, it doesn't mean that securing workers' compensation benefits are impossible, or that workers already receiving benefits will see them eliminated. Workers' compensation benefits are administered by a company's insurance carrier, so even if the company goes out of business.

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