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Diversity & Inclusion: Workplace Inclusion

serving clients with inclusive teams

an inclusive workplace where employees are recognized for contributions

Workplace Inclusion

Morris James is an inclusive workplace where employees are recognized for contributions. The firm encourages diversification in client teams and firm committees, recognizing that an inclusive workplace is in the best interest of our clients and employees.


  • Retain talent through professional development and individualized training.
  • Reinforce no tolerance policy with respect to discrimination and harassment.
  • Continue diversity, inclusion, and bias trainings.
  • Continue harassment training and review reporting mechanisms.
  • Promote diverse staffing of client matters. (Encourage diversified client teams and committees.)
  • Evaluate and improve annual review procedures and compensation structures based on best practices for elimination of implicit bias.
  • Ensure all Firm committees are diversified.
  • Eliminate stigmatization of mental illness through continued education on the topic and provide mechanisms for ensuring all employees have access to mental health resources.
  • Provide technical training to employees to ensure that employees have the relevant skills needed to produce high quality work product.
  • Provide mentoring to diverse attorneys and professionals.

Diversity & Inclusion: Workplace Inclusion, Sub-Committee

Sherry Leary | Chief Operating Officer

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