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matters of global importance

A collegial and intellectual community.

Professional and Personal Advantages

Every day, lawyers weigh the facts and make tough calls for clients. But decisions on their own career growth and where to build a legal practice may not be as clear cut. Reasons why Morris James is the right fit for you:

  • Located in a metropolitan area with a small town feel
  • A regional powerhouse with sophisticated work
  • Work / life integration
  • A modern law firm culture that focuses on attorney development and growth

Delaware Advantages

Legally speaking, Delaware means business. Known as the state that makes corporate law first, Delaware enjoys “wide discretion and first-mover advantages,” in the legal arena according to the Harvard Law Review.

Judicial Excellence

For the tenth year, including the latest 2015 study, Delaware was ranked number one overall in Harris Poll's State Liability Systems Ranking Study conducted for the Institute for Legal Reform.  Top ranking categories include:

  • Overall Treatment of Tort and Contract Litigation

  • Having and Enforcing Meaningful Venue Requirements

  • Treatment of Class Action Suits & Mass Consolidation Suits

  • Damages

  • Timeliness of Summary Judgment or Dismissal

  • Judges' Competence

Right-Sized, Professional Significance

Delaware’s legal community combines a collegial atmosphere with all the intellectual and professional rigor associated with representing clients in cases of global importance. Members of the Delaware Bar often consult with key law and decision makers during the legislative process. Delaware’s Bar Association encourages a camaraderie among its members that strengthens relations between the legal community, government entities and the public at large.

Morris James Advantages

Engaging clients and cases are just part of what Morris James offers. Other attributes that distinguish us from other law firms include:

  • Hardworking, yet collegial, diverse and down-to-earth workplace
  • High quality of living in an attractive location. Home-to-work commuting times range average less than 30 minutes, yet we are within a short car or train ride of the major metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Opportunities for significant responsibility in national cases
  • Firm colleagues who are leaders and mentors in the legal profession
  • National recognition of excellence from Chambers USA, Best Lawyers, Benchmark Litigation, and U.S. News and World Report
  • Strong practice development platforms and management support
  • Firm values that promote professional, civic and personal fulfillment
  • Pro bono and community activities widely encouraged
  • All Firm offices and leadership local and accessible

Interested in how Morris James and Delaware might be the answer to your career development questions? If you are an attorney with a passion for the law, for your clients and for extending your professional development, we welcome your inquiry.

  • Ross Antonacci

    Morris James has provided a challenging and rewarding environment to learn and grow into my practice. Starting at a very early point in my career, I was given meaningful transactions to work on, with lots of responsibility and client contact, and that helped me to develop the practice I enjoy today.

  • Vincent Cannizzaro, III

    "The decision to bring my practice to a firm like Morris James that has a sterling reputation in Delaware corporate law and client service was an easy one to make." - Vincent J. Cannizzaro, III

  • Keith Donovan

    "What I try to do at Morris James is remind our younger lawyers that their job is to professionally develop into excellent attorneys." - Keith Donovan, Managing Partner

  • Kenneth Dorsney

    Above all, the atmosphere and culture at Morris James supports and encourages initiatives by its lawyers to develop existing and new practice areas to meet the challenges facings its clients. Management listens, and then backs it up at every turn. There is no misunderstanding, it is a team effort.

  • Shannon Frazier

    I was excited to have landed at Morris James because of its reputation in the courts and the Bar, and because I enjoy working with attorneys who have such high standards. I appreciate practicing law the “right” way, and I know I can rely on my colleagues to all work together to produce a superior product.

  • Carl "Chuck" Kunz, III

    Morris James provided a larger platform to further develop my practice. I was drawn to Morris James not only because of the depth of the firm’s practice areas and expertise of its lawyers, but the collegial and respectful way attorneys and staff work together to provide exceptional service to clients.

  • David Soldo

    When I expressed an interest in pursuing an LL.M. degree in Trial Advocacy to further develop my personal and professional skills, the partners at Morris James encouraged me every step of the way. 

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