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Morris James

Expect more.

Morris James is a leading provider of sophisticated legal services with 70 lawyers located in six offices throughout Delaware. We are a full service firm helping Delaware corporations, businesses and private clients address complex legal concerns. Our clients-first philosophy, multi-disciplinary approach and collective experience earn us high regard from clients, peers and the business community.

Legal Networks

We are members of ALFA International and State Law Resources, Inc. These partnerships allow us to enhance the value we offer our clients by maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with other top independent firms. Read more.

Core Cultural Values

From the outset, we have been client-focused and team-oriented, seeking to serve our clients consistent with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Our future will be premised on the core cultural values that have brought us 90 years of success.

At Morris James, we share the following values:

  • Client-Focused. Lawyers and professionals promptly respond to clients, strive to understand and achieve the clients’ goals, and develop and maintain excellent client relationships.
  • Teamwork. Whenever appropriate, work is delegated and clients are serviced by teams. We value a work environment where every person’s contribution to servicing clients’ needs and pro bono efforts is fairly recognized and rewarded.
  • Work Ethic. Lawyers consistently work hard and recognize there are times when personal sacrifice may be necessary to address clients’ needs. The firm strives, however, to value the desire to devote time to a satisfying and rewarding life away from work, including community involvement.
  • Integrity. We value honesty, candor, and ethical behavior, and we enforce those values by holding individuals accountable.
  • Lawyering. We value clear thinking, creative and efficient problem-solving, plain speaking, persuasive writing, and adhering to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
  • Mutual Respect. Relationships are respectful, civil, and collegial.
  • Diversity. Diversity at all levels of the firm enhances our ability to compete and serve clients.
  • Professional Development. Professionals are attracted and retained by providing a work environment characterized by mutual respect, mentoring, skill development, and the level of responsibility each professional demonstrates the ability to handle.
  • Decisions: The partners make decisions by striving to arrive at a consensus. Leaders practice what they preach.
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