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United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit

  • James H. McMackin III, The Honorable Jane R. Roth

United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware

  • Jeffrey R. Waxman, The Honorable Mary F. Walrath

Delaware Supreme Court

  • Allyson Britton DiRocco, The Honorable Myron T. Steele
  • Joshua H. Meyeroff, Wolcott Fellow, The Honorable Myron T. Steele

Superior Court of Delaware

  • Kevin G. Healy, The Honorable Clarence Taylor
  • Mary B. Matterer, The Honorable John E. Babiarz, Jr.,
  • Ryan T. Keating, The Honorable M. Jane Brady (Law Clerk & Judicial Intern)
  • Joshua H. Meyeroff, The Honorable Peggy L. Ableman

Delaware Court of Chancery

  • Bryan Townsend, The Honorable William B. Chandler III, The Honorable Vincent Popitti

United States District Court of Delaware

  • Kenneth L. Dorsney, The Honorable Mary Pat Thynge, The Honorable Kent A. Jordan
  • Eric J. Monzo, The Honorable Mary Pat Thynge

United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of New York

  • Jeffrey R. Waxman, The Honorable Michael J. Kaplan

United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

  • Shannon S. Frazier, The Honorable Joseph C. Wilkenson, Jr.

United States District Court, Northern District of Texas

  • Douglas N. Candeub, The Honorable Robert M. Hill

 United States District Court , Eastern District of Pennsylvania

  • Albert H. Manwaring IV, The Honorable Franklin S. Van Antwerpen

Delaware Family Court

  • R. Eric Hacker

United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas

  • R. Eric Hacker, The Honorable Magistrate Judge Judith K. Guthrie
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