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A heritage of professionalism and high ethical standards.

Leaders of Leaders

Since our founding, Morris James attorneys have occupied leadership roles in the Delaware, American and Federal Bar Associations, have held prominent positions in legal professional organizations, and have served as advisors to the Delaware courts. Our attorneys serve, both as elected leaders and by appointment of the court, in capacities reflective of their thorough knowledge of the law and their high standards of ethics, values and vision.

Examples of professional leadership positions Morris James attorneys and alumni hold or previously have held include:

Delaware State Bar Association

Henry N. Herndon Jr.
Dennis L. Schrader 

Executive Committee
Jill Spevak Di Scuillo
Edward M. McNally
Albert H. Manwaring, IV

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Henry N. Herndon Jr., Chair

Bankruptcy Law Section
Jeffrey R. Waxman, Chair

Corporation Law Section
Edward M. McNally, Chair

Estates and Trust Section
Mary M. Culley, Chair
Bruce W. Tigani, Chair 

Family Law Section
Gretchen S. Knight, Chair 
Jill Spevack Di Sciullo, Chair

International Law Section
Mary B. Matterer, Chair

Labor and Employment Section
James H. McMackin, III, Chair, Secretary
Allyson Britton, Chair

Litigation Section
Albert H. Manwaring, IV, Chair
David J. Soldo, Chair

Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section 
Wilson A. Gualpa, Chair

Tax Section
Mark D. Olson, Chair
Bruce W. Tigani, Chair 
James J. Gallagher, II, Chair

Women and the Law Section
Mary M. Culley, Chair

Arts Committee
Richard K. Herrmann, Chair

Computer Law Section
Richard K. Herrmann, Chair

Technology Committee
Richard K. Herrmann, Chair

Delaware Court of Chancery

Vice Chancellor
John W. Noble

Special Discovery Master
Lewis H. Lazarus

Lewis H. Lazarus

Delaware Superior Court

Charles H. Toliver, IV, Judge

Delaware District Court

Technology Committee
Richard K. Herrmann, Chair

Delaware Supreme Court

Board on Professional Responsibility
Lewis H. Lazarus, Vice Chair

Commission on Continuing Legal Education
Richard K. Herrmann, Chair

American Bar Association

Business Law Section, Directors and Officers Liability Committee
Lewis H. Lazarus, Chair

M&A/Proxy Litigation Subcommittee of the Securities Litigation Committee 
Albert H. Manwaring, IV, Co-Chair

Special Discovery Master

Delaware District Court and the Delaware Superior Court
Richard K. Herrmann

Delaware Bankruptcy Court

Electronic Discovery Mediator
Richard K. Herrmann


Lewis Lazarus PhotoBar leadership enables attorneys to contribute to the development of law and policy in the subject matter of their practice. This not only ensures that developments in the law reflect the views of practitioners, but also provides participating attorneys with perspectives outside of their day to day experience. The bar and the individual attorney benefit in equal measure. (Lewis H. Lazarus)     

Jim McMackin PhotoLeadership is – or should be – part of the job description for lawyers. As the authors, arbiters and interpreters of the law, it is incumbent upon us to continually learn and to hone our skills, and to strive always to develop a value added mindset. Above all, it is our responsibility as lawyers to dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of ethics. In my view, these are the qualities of effective leaders. We owe it to ourselves, our clients and to our profession to deliver nothing less. (James H. McMackin, III, 2009-2010 Chair, Labor & Employment Section, Delaware State Bar Association)

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