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Firm Management


We have a people-first culture.

Keith E. Donovan         
Managing Partner   


T: 302.888.6808
F: 302.571.1750



Sherry A. Perna, CLM
Chief Operating Officer


T: 302.888.6966
F: 302.571.1750


Carol A. Folt
Director of Human ResourcesFolt


T: 302.888.6823
F: 302.571.1750 


Edwin C. Thomas                   

Director of Finance


T: 302.888.6849

F: 302.571.1750


Dawn V. Sheiker

Director of Client Relations

Dawn Sheiker Photo


T: 302.888.6804

F: 302.571.1750


Bill S. Stone
Chief Information Officer


T: 302.888.6835   
F: 302.571.1750


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