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As a leading Delaware business law firm, Morris James incorporates into our service philosophy the principles of operational excellence on which all successful companies are based. 

At Morris James, we believe in practicing what we preach. Because we counsel and advise businesses large and small, in Delaware and around the world, our reputation depends upon it.

Our service philosophy mandates the delivery of high caliber legal assistance at reasonable cost, without waste or redundancy, across all of our legal departments. To that end, we continuously strive to improve upon our critical internal systems and establish processes that anticipate client need. We look for ways to reduce overhead while investing in assets that increase efficiency. The tangible results of our efforts include robust technology, and a proprietary database accessible to clients. Morris James is the only Delaware law firm with an attorney dedicated to ediscovery. Additionally, we offer alternative fee arrangements and lean staffing of legal teams, as well as consolidation or unbundling of legal services, as appropriate, to benefit the client.

For decades, Morris James has been a long-term strategic partner for E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company. As a Primary Law Firm for DuPont, Morris James adheres to the high standards of the DuPont Legal Model.

Our Philosophy and Method

  • Client-centric focus
  • Perspective on continual improvement and anticipation of client need
  • Robust technology
  • Online tools and proprietary database accessible to clients
  • Second-to-none E-discovery capability

Our Value Proposition

  • Top-down commitment to value
  • Clarity in setting expectations and projecting outcomes
  • Commitment to communication and collaboration
  • High caliber services at reasonable cost
  • Efficient staffing
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