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A Roadmap to the Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act


The enactment of the Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act (DRAA) is a breakthrough in the quest for an efficient, cost-effective and timely process to resolve business disputes. This roadmap explains how the DRAA differs from traditional arbitration by providing a fast resolution that avoids the expense of extensive pre-hearing discovery, disputes over arbitrator selection and multiple appeals.

The Roadmap Includes:

  1. A general explanation of the DRAA
  2. A checklist of issues to consider
  3. A copy of the DRAA
  4. Court of Chancery Rules 96-97
  5. A set of forms for use with the DRAA
  6. A set of proposed rules applicable to the DRAA
  7. Frequently asked questions about the DRAA, with answers from its drafters

Finally, if you have any questions about the DRAA, please contact any of the attorneys listed on our Alternative Dispute Resolution practice.

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