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Morris James’ Healthcare Industry Group Offers Webinar on Practice Integration

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November 18, 2014

Join Kimberly Hoffman, Bruce Tigani and James Gallagher as they discuss how practice integration can allow physician practices to operate more efficiently and the basic considerations for implementation, including compliance with STARK, anti-trust and professional practice structure.

If structured carefully, a practice integration model can provide what we call, “Group practice . . . with benefits.” In other words, a platform implementing centralized management to achieve economies of scale where most needed, typically with sufficient autonomy available at the office practice level to preserve individual professionalism and incentives. In addition, it enables the use of expanded “in-office ancillary services” exceptions to increase efficiency and profitability, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Because there are so many aspects, both in the planning and implementation of a proper practice integration structure, they will follow this initial presentation with two additional webinars taking a more in-depth look at particular issues of interest. Stay tuned for registration details on those to come.

Watch the free webinar via First Healthcare Compliance here. 

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