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Morris James Featured in the Mid Market Report for its Focus on Client Service

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October 15, 2018
Mid Market Report

Novel job titles like “chief value officer” and “client relationship manager” have increasingly become part of the Big Law lexicon, but it would be a mistake to assume only large firms are pouring more resources into managing client relationships, according to consultants and law firm professionals.

Zach Needles and Lizzy McLellan of American Lawyer Media discuss the increasing number of client service executive positions at midsize law firms in their article, "'Client Value' Roles are All the Rage in Big Law, but Midsize Firms Are Quietly Taking Notes."  

Dawn Sheiker, who became Director of Client Relations for Morris James in Delaware in April 2018, said much of her role involves meeting with clients and getting feedback that she can then use to formulate a plan of action with the attorneys at the firm.

“The idea with creating this new position was certainly to have a business developer in-house, but focusing in on the client experience,” Dawn said.

Dawn explained that the leadership of Morris James is equally invested in key client relationships as the relationship partners.

“There is a message being handed down [to the attorneys] that yes, these are your relationships, but you are part of this firm, and we need to make sure the firm is supporting that relationship,” Dawn continued. “The client doesn’t just have you; the client has the whole firm.” 

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