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Our Firm Name is Being Misused by a Website

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August 1, 2019

It has come to our attention that a website has been created which is NOT associated with Morris James LLP – a Delaware law firm. The website claims to relate to a group of solicitors located in the United Kingdom who also claim to be affiliated with Morris James LLP in Delaware. The site uses similar logos to our firm’s official websites. It also uses similar coloring and references our main office located in Delaware. 

Please be advised that Morris James LLP – located solely in Delaware – has no affiliation with the website of Morris James Solicitors nor any affiliation with any solicitors offices purportedly located in the UK. 

Telephone numbers provided in the website will not connect with any of our USA offices and anyone answering those lines is not a representative of our firm. We believe the site has been created by unknown third-parties for fraudulent purposes. We have reported the website to the FBI, Action Fraud team associated with United Kingdom police, and the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the United Kingdom, and are taking steps with the website host to persuade them to take down the website.

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