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Allyson M. Britton Important Issues for Employers Related to the Americans with Disabilities Act

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July 23, 2018
1st Talk Compliance, Healthcare Now Radio

Allyson M. Britton appears on Healthcare Now Radio's 1st Talk Compliance with host, Catherine Short. Allyson addresses important issues employers face when handling Americans with Disabilities Act issues and provides insight into the legal analysis of ADA claims, with particular emphasis on the healthcare industry. A recording is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play

Allyson defends the interests of employers against claims of discrimination, retaliation, constitutional claims, contract disputes, misappropriation of employers’ property rights or business opportunities, restrictive covenants, and other aspects of employment relationships in both state and federal courts. She also counsels employers concerning strategies for compliance with federal and state laws involving various aspects of employment law aimed at the prevention of claims.

1st Talk Compliance is a 30-minute radio program focused on the hottest topics, pain points and learning opportunities related to healthcare compliance management in the US. 



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