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establishing legacies for generations to come

Integrated approach to creating strategies for preserving and transferring wealth.


The multidisciplinary team of Morris James practitioners that serve diverse roles as legal counsel to individuals and families of means are dedicated to working collaboratively with our clients, their professional advisors, and our attorney-colleagues to deliver an unparalleled level of comprehensive and sophisticated representation. We apply an integrated approach to wealth preservation and transfer that provides financial security and establishes legacies for generations to come. Our attorneys have decades of experience in designing and implementing strategies that manage and preserve family wealth across multiple generations, while minimizing risk and optimizing opportunity.

We are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of family and personal matters, and take pride in our ability to approach issues with the finesse and discretion that promotes resolution. Morris James clients rely not only on our thorough legal knowledge and ability to use the most sophisticated techniques to accomplish their objectives, but also on our skills as legal counselors.

Most importantly, Morris James clients appreciate and share our belief that successful plans achieve more than the desired distribution of family assets. Beyond that, proper planning can perpetuate family values, promote stewardship, and foster meaningful, contributory lives through future generations.





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