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October 10, 2018
Edited by: Ken Dorsney
American Intellectual Property Association and Bloomberg Law

Evidence in Patent Cases Intellectual Property Partner Ken Dorsney was the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Author of a new book published by the American Intellectual Property Association and Bloomberg Law entitled Evidence in Patent Cases. Published in 2018, the book includes patent evidence from filing to appeal in one handy comprehensive resource by some of the top patent litigators in the US.

Success in patent litigation often turns on the ability or inability to admit or exclude evidence. Evidence in Patent Cases explains the use of evidence as it relates specifically to the issues encountered in patent litigation from case initiation through appeal. The authors, a team of experienced patent litigators, share insight, analysis, practice notes, and case citations, making this book very handy for litigators looking to object or overcome an objection with solid case law right at their fingertips.

Ken is the Chair of the Intellectual Property Practice at Morris James. He is a registered patent attorney and represents corporate clients and the interests of outside counsel in a wide variety of complex commercial matters, including patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright litigation, mediation, and dispute resolution in the District of Delaware. 



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