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The Role of Directors in M&A Transactions: Special Committees

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May 9, 2019
By: Lewis Lazarus
American Bar Association

Lewis Lazarus, Chair of the firm's Corporate and Commercial Litigation Group, coauthored the chapter on special committees in the American Bar Association Business Law Section's recently published book, "The Role of Directors in M&A Transactions." This publication is hailed as a handbook for directors, management, mergers and acquisitions lawyers, and other advisors to use as a resource in both public and private transactions. The chapter on special committees specifically covers topics such as: 

  •  when to form a committee as well as the instances in which they are advisable and when they should be avoided; 
  • committee composition, the process by which members are selected, and the particular skills needed by committee members to be successful;
  • best practices for committee formation, governance, and compensation; and
  • the special committee process, engagement of independent advisors, and reporting back to the board.

Click here to purchase "The Role of Directors in M&A Transactions."

If you have questions regarding the role of directors in M&A transactions, please contact Lewis Lazarus ( or another member of the corporate and commercial litigation group. 

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