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Morris James has a large and diverse team of transactional and litigation attorneys who are routinely engaged to assist with the most complex and unique legal issues covering Delaware corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts. Our attorneys have extensive experience throughout the life cycle of every type of Delaware business entity, from formation and structuring, to internal governance and ongoing compliance, through dissolution and termination. We are often called upon to provide advice concerning mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, conversions, and domestications of those entities. Our clients in this area include boards of directors, members, managers, lenders, borrowers, and non-Delaware attorneys, both within the United States and internationally. In addition, our attorneys routinely assist clients with the negotiation and structuring of business transactions utilizing Delaware corporations and alternative entities.

Corporate Governance

Our attorneys are well versed in issues relating to corporate governance, and often advise clients on day-to-day issues, such as charter and by-law provisions or meetings of directors or stockholders. Our attorneys are also skilled in assisting our clients with their most unique and complex issues, such as mergers, restructurings, and the interpretation of the Delaware General Corporation Law. We also routinely deliver third-party closing opinions regarding Delaware corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts, as well as reasoned opinions on the most complex of legal issues.

Delaware Statutes

Our attorneys are actively involved with the committees responsible for drafting and revising the statutes governing Delaware corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts, and participate in numerous Delaware State Bar and American Bar Association committees relating to these entities. This commitment ensures that our attorneys and their advice remain cutting-edge.





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