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COVID-19: A Message from our Managing Partner

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June 15, 2020

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Public health officials and medical professionals have been advocating for rapid and decisive efforts to reduce the spread of the virus as much and as early as possible. 

The best way people can reduce transmission of the coronavirus is mitigating exposure. The most effective mitigating strategy is social distancing. Social distancing means staying out of close contact in crowded places, avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining space -- approximately six feet -- between yourself and others whenever possible.

Morris James has, therefore, implemented the following precautions to ensure the safety of its clients and employees while conducting business in any of its six offices.

  • Face Mask Requirement. Face masks are required for anyone seeking to enter the premises of Morris James. We have face masks available for any client, visitor, or employee who may need one.
  • Hand Sanitation. All clients, visitors and employees must sanitize their hands before entering the office. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry.
  • Social Distancing. We have implemented reasonable social distancing in our offices, so that staff is sitting at least six feet apart. Our conference rooms are open for clients to meet with attorneys and still practice social distancing.
  • Temperature Monitoring. All clients, visitors and employees are required to take their temperature before entering our offices. A thermometer is available in each office. 
  • Rigorous Cleaning. We have introduced rigorous cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of germs. 

We are committed to the continuation of exceptional service. We are flexible in our ability to meet with you and provide legal services. If you are uncomfortable coming into our offices, we have technology solutions that allow for effective virtual meetings with you. Discuss these options with your attorney. 

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