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Morris James Headquarters Relocating in 2025

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February 8, 2024

As Morris James steps into the decade marking its 100th anniversary, a new era begins with the strategic partnership formed with Delle Donne & Associates, leading to the relocation of our headquarters to Avenue North in 2025. Maintaining our commitment to innovation and adaptability, we will also uphold a satellite office in downtown Wilmington, in close proximity to the Delaware courthouses.

This move signifies our dedication to honoring our storied history while advancing toward a future of excellence and sustainability. Following a thorough evaluation of various options, including the possibility of remaining at our current headquarters, Avenue North emerged as the optimal choice. Its distinct blend of amenities, superior building quality, available space, and strategic geography make it the ideal setting for our continued growth.

We proudly unveil our unified Wilmington headquarters, designed to epitomize collaboration for both our esteemed clients and devoted employees. This forward-thinking step not only streamlines our physical space but also fosters a dynamic, agile hybrid work environment that caters to the evolving needs of our workforce and fortifies our position as a progressive industry leader.

This venture enables us to elevate our service capabilities, better serve our diverse clientele, and establish a stunning headquarters embodying the innovation and resilience that define our firm.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we carry with us the confidence that our focus on delivering exceptional legal services, which has propelled our success for a century, will persist in driving us forward.

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