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Morris James LLP Secures Key Legal Approvals in Alecto Healthcare's Chapter 11 Case

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April 15, 2024

In a significant development within the bankruptcy proceedings of Alecto Healthcare Services LLC, the bankruptcy and restructuring team, led by attorneys Jeffrey Waxman, Tara Pakrouh, Brya Keilson, and Christopher Donnelly, has successfully navigated complex legal challenges, resulting in major advancements in the case. Their work showcases the firm’s expertise in bankruptcy and restructuring and its ability to handle high-stakes cases with precision.

Under the guidance of the bankruptcy attorneys, the entire Morris James team working on this case was instrumental in managing Alecto Healthcare's Chapter 11 proceedings under Subchapter V. The firm demonstrated its strategic skills by effectively handling fee applications and successfully engaging a respected litigation consultant, with approval retroactively granted to February 2024.

Key successes in the case include the court's approval of Morris James' applications for compensation and reimbursement of expenses, marking a crucial advancement in the firm's operational oversight of the case. Additionally, the team skillfully negotiated a settlement with another hospital, showcasing their adeptness at achieving consensual resolutions vital for the restructuring process.

As the case progresses, Morris James continues to represent Alecto Healthcare, dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for all parties involved. Their efforts not only exemplify their legal expertise but also their commitment to preserving the ongoing operations and fiscal health of entities in financial distress.

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