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Successful Trial in Kent County Yields Remarkable Verdict

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June 14, 2023

In a significant achievement for the Personal Injury team, a resounding victory was secured by Mike Owen and his colleagues in a high-value trial held earlier this year at the Superior Court in Kent County, Delaware. Following a four-day trial, the client was awarded an impressive sum of $244,842.87 by the jury, surpassing the defense's initial settlement offer of $90,000. With the inclusion of a pre-judgment interest demand, the final judgment exceeded $330,000.

The trial presented a unique case involving a large retailer. The defense's initial offer of $90,000 failed to accurately reflect the true extent of the harm suffered by the client. However, under the leadership of Mike Owen, the proficient Personal Injury team remained steadfast in their pursuit of justice and fair compensation. Throughout the trial, state-of-the-art courtroom technology was leveraged by the team to effectively present evidence and compellingly communicate the client's story. In addition, the team's dedicated in-house E-discovery department played a crucial role in gathering and organizing critical evidence, enabling the construction of a strong case.

This notable victory highlights the team's expertise, tenacity, and commitment to obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients. By utilizing cutting-edge courtroom technology and the meticulous work of the in-house E-discovery department, the Personal Injury team continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing exceptional legal representation in complex cases.

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