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Morris James Sponsors SL24 Memorial Basketball Classic

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February 8, 2021

Morris James was pleased to sponsor the third annual SL24 Memorial Classic "UnLocke the Light” basketball tournament on February 5, 2021. The tournament is comprised of Delaware's best high school basketball teams who go head to head in the spirit of raising awareness surrounding mental health and suicide. 

The event is hosted by SL24, a Delaware nonprofit who aims to educate high school and college students about depression, support athletes in transitioning to life after sports, and create a safe haven for student athletes who struggle with depression and the threat of suicide. SL24 was established by Chris and Norma Locke in memorial of their son Chris Locke. The foundation has helped over 3,500 students experiencing depression to "UnLocke the Light" by providing them with support and access to mental health services.

Kevin Healy, Chair of the firm's personal injury practice, serves on the Board of Directors for SL24.

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