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Morris James Champions the Gift of Music During the Holiday Season

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December 4, 2023

Morris James is, once again, excited to announce their involvement in a holiday music raffle. This year, the raffle is in partnership with Frantic Music Project, which is hosting its Frank Music Mega Raffle for three different prizes:

Price #1 - 2023 American Vintage II 1972 Telecasterᆴ Thinline Reissue
Price #2 - Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue 1x12 Wine Red Tolex
Price #3 - Super Guitar Swag Package including 1 Boss Street Cube 2, Accessories & Frantic Frets Gift Pack

Ticket entries and donations are available for purchase until December 22nd at 7:55 AM. Proceeds for this raffle will help local artists. 

The mission of the Frank Music Project

To provide subsidized equipment, services, and financial aid to economically challenged performing musicians, regardless of age, who currently have or are pursuing a career in music within the State of Delaware. The Frank Music Project also provides financial support for musicians facing a catastrophic event or illness through a dedicated fundraising event.



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