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Small Businesses and Start-Ups

from start-up to proven enterprise

Representing Delaware’s largest and smallest companies.


More than 60% of the Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware. At one point, each of those companies was a small business with a big idea. The Small Businesses and Start-Ups Group provides a full range of legal services to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses owners organize and transition their ideas to full-fledged businesses.

Morris James represents some of Delaware’s largest and smallest companies, applying our versatile skill-set to serve increasingly complex and interrelated tax, business, credit, real estate, employment, commerce, regulatory, and transition strategic planning and transactional needs. In addition to being able to address the issues that businesses of all sizes face, the Small Businesses and Start-Ups Group is focused on addressing issues that are of particular concern to small businesses, including initial corporate governance, employment, financing, and tax issues, to give small businesses the platform necessary for growth.

To support the transition from start-up to proven enterprise, the Closely-Held Business Counsel Group at Morris James combines multidisciplinary legal skills and experience with a keen knowledge of the client’s own business and industry to provide sophisticated and cost-effective legal counsel for established closely-held businesses of all sizes.  This facilitates a proactive approach across the board, with coordinated representation that benefits both the business and its owners.

Morris James is aware that small companies often have issues with liquidity, and the Small Businesses and Start-Ups Group is willing to consider flexible hourly rates or alternative fee arrangement for new businesses.





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