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Diversity & Inclusion: Firm Commitment

accountability & advancement

investing in D&I through communications, outreach, training, professional development & community engagement

Firm Commitment

Morris James invests in D&I through communications, outreach, training, professional development, and community engagement. The D&I Committee guides these efforts to ensure accountability and advancement of the D&I Mission and Vision.


  • Implement 2019 - 2024 D&I Strategic Plan through the D&I Committee in partnership with the Executive and Marketing Committees as well as other key stakeholders within the firm.
  • Develop and implement an internal and external communications strategy regarding D&I at Morris James, showcasing the firm’s ongoing commitment to and advancement of D&I.
  • Invest in D&I related professional organizations and affinity bar associations through sponsorship dollars and lawyer time.
  • Continue D&I training and education throughout the firm.


  • Morris James Condemns Racial Injustice
  • Delaware State University: To commemorate the firm's 90th anniversary, Morris James has chosen to partner with the Delaware State University's (DSU) Law Studies, Bachelor of Arts program, by gifting $10,000 to underwrite Law School Admission Test (LSAT) fees and prep course tuition. Along with this monetary gift, Morris James will offer mentorship and social engagement opportunities to DSU Law Studies students throughout their collegiate career. Read more
  • Culture Restoration Project: Morris James LLP proudly donated $10,000 to the Culture Restoration Project, an organization dedicated to developing critical thinking skills and social understanding of youth in Wilmington through culturally appropriate and relevant programming. The donation emphasizes the law firm’s statement on racial injustice issued after the brutal killing of George Floyd. Read more.
  • Corporate Counsel Women of Color: organization of women attorneys of color who serve as general counsel, assistant general counsel, corporate counsel, in-house legal counsel, and in other capacities for Fortune 1000 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, not-for-profit corporations, and other entities in the United States of America and abroad. The organization’s power rests in the strength, talent, skills, credentials, and knowledge base that the diverse women in the group collectively possess.
  • Delaware State Bar Association
  • Hispanic National Bar Association: As a member of this organization that represents the interests of Hispanic legal professionals in the United States, we support their commitment to advocacy on issues of importance to the 54+ million people of Hispanic heritage living in the U.S. Wilson A. Gualpa is an active member.
  • Minority Law Journal: Since 1996, the Minority Law Journal has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas on the application of diversity in the legal workplace.
  • The ALLEI Program: Morris James frequently hosts foreign judges, lawyers, and law students while they are studying at the American Law and Legal English Institute at the University of Delaware. While we take the opportunity to respond to their questions regarding the American legal system during these visits, at the same time we always learn much about the how the law operates in a variety of countries - Brazil, Colombia, Japan, China, Korea, the Ukraine, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, to name just a few. This exchange is quite beneficial for both Morris James and our visitors as our practices increasingly expand beyond our own borders.

Diversity & Inclusion: Firm Commitment, Sub-Committee

Brya Keilson | Counsel

Sherry Leary | Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Sheiker | Director of Client Relations

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