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Bringing attention to detail, thorough due diligence, creativity and flexibility to help you achieve your goal.


Morris James has a robust legal opinion practice covering all aspects of Delaware law and certain aspects of federal law, including tax and bankruptcy law.  Our attorneys are frequently engaged by sophisticated clients and non-Delaware counsel to render opinions on Delaware corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts.  These entities and our opinions are often crucial to the structuring of large domestic and international transactions, both public and private.  Many of these transactions are rated by the major rating agencies, and an opinion from a well-regarded Delaware firm is required.  We also render opinions on unique Delaware state law matters such as title to real property, zoning and other regulatory approvals, and the enforceability of loan documentation in support of financing transactions.  Attention to detail and thorough due diligence are a must in this practice; however, in our experience, that level of service is merely the baseline.  In addition, our clients also benefit from our flexibility and willingness to approach unique situations with creativity in order to achieve their goals and facilitate their closings.





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