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Diversity & Inclusion: Lead by Example

driver of change

inspiring others to foster a stronger environment for diversity and inclusion

Lead by Example

Morris James is a respected leader within the legal and businesses communities and, therefore, the firm positions itself as a driver of change. The firm works with clients, bar associations and schools to foster a stronger environment for D&I.


  • Publish firm’s D&I efforts and advancement to encourage other law firms and businesses to review and improve initiatives, policies, and procedures.
  • Partner with clients and other law firms to advance the issue within the community.
  • Support the DSBA in its DEI efforts.
  • Invest in education and students to promote the legal industry as a career path for the next generation.



Diversity & Inclusion: Lead by Example, Sub-Committee

Wilson Gualpa | Associate

Sherry Leary | Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Sheiker | Director of Client Relations

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