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Court Of Chancery Upholds Creditor Derivative Claim

Quadrant Structured Products Company Ltd. v. Vertin, C.A. 6990-VCL (October 1, 2014) This is an important decision because it outlines the rights of creditors of an insolvent corporation to file a derivative suit for breaches of fiduciary duty, it holds that the creditors do not need to meet the continuous ownership rule that limits which stockholders may file such suits, and it implies that the demand requirements of Rule 23.1 must be met by a creditor plaintiff. Also interesting is the holding that director decisions that do not directly benefit them or their controller are subject to the business judgment rule, even in the context of an insolvent entity. Creditors had sought to impose a rule of law giving them a preference for their interests in such situations, but they did not get it here. Share
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