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Non-Compete and Trade Secret Protection

equitable remedies in the Court of Chancery 

Morris James combines experience in business litigation, contract, cybersecurity, employment, intellectual property, and trade secret protection


In a competitive global economy, a business’ intellectual property, key employees, customer relationships and business plans and strategies represent critically important assets. Protection of these assets from theft and unfair competition in a world of increasingly mobile employees, thumb drives and remote access is critical to a company’s success. Morris James has established an interdisciplinary team of attorneys experienced in state and federal laws protecting employers and their trade secrets and human capital from misuse and misappropriation. In the Court of Chancery and in Delaware’s federal court, Delaware provides an excellent forum for obtaining expedited injunctive relief from a judiciary who understands the need for speedy and flexible equitable remedies to prevent irreparable harm to the victimized business. The team combines experience in business litigation, contract, cybersecurity, employment, intellectual property and trade secret protection. 

The Morris James Team

Morris James attorneys with experience in expedited proceedings, fiduciary and contractual duties, employment law and non-compete enforcement, trade secret protection and unfair competition form the the core of this practice group. They keep abreast of state and federal developments in this practice area. We help clients draft enforceable agreements to protect critical business interests. Our attorneys are there to counsel you, investigate and litigate as needed upon the unexpected announcement of a departing key employee, or the threatened loss of confidential proprietary information critical to the business operation. Our attorneys are recognized for their business litigation experience in Chambers USA and Best Lawyers.





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