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Court Of Chancery Explains Interrelationship Of Complaint Theories

The Renco Group Inc. v. MacAndrews AMG Holdings LLC, C.A. 7668-VCN (January 29, 2105) This decision explains how various liability theories in a complaint relate to one another so as not to be duplicative. For example, a breach of fiduciary duty claim will be dismissed when it relies on the same facts as a breach of contract claim. Moreover, a claim for violation of the duty to act in good faith and fairly may survive when it alleges a failure to uphold the reasonable expectations of the parties as to how a contract would operate. Note, however, that it would be a mistake to think that you can plead a violation of the covenant to act fairly in a very contract-based case. In a decision one day after Renco, the Court dismissed a claim based on the covenant when the contract language spelled out how the contract was to be implemented in more detail, leaving no gap for the covenant to fill. SeeĀ  Fortis Advisors LLC v. Dialog Semiconductor PLC, C.A. 9522-CB (January 30, 2015). Share


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