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Delaware's Court System Does It Again!

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For the sixth consecutive year in a row, Delaware has received the #1 Ranking from the Harris Poll State Liability Systems Ranking Study which is compiled by the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform.  The Study attempts to quantify the perceptions corporate attorneys have about each state's legal system.  Respondents to the study are asked to grade states in each of the following areas:

  • having and enforcing meaningful venue requirements;
  • overall treatment of tort and contract litigation;
  • treatment of class action suits and mass consolidation suits;
  • punitive damages;
  • timeliness of summary judgment or dismissal;
  • discovery;
  • scientific and technical evidence;
  • non-economic damages;
  • judges' impartiality and competence; and
  • juries' predictability and fairness.

To read a copy of the study, click here.

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