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Supreme Court Upholds Contract Based Fee Award

Mahani v. EDIX Media Group, Inc., Del. Sup. C.A. No. 91, 2007 (September 4, 2007).

In this decision upholding a fee award by the Court of Chancery, the Delaware Supreme Court held that a fee based on a contract right to recover fees is not limited by the results in the case. That limitation, the Court held, is more appropriate in fee shifting pursuant to a statute. Instead, the fees awarded under a contract should take into account the 8 factors set out in Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(a)(1). The results obtained are among those factors but not the driving force to a decision.

This case had an odd set of facts involving a misbehaving litigant - never a good idea in a Delaware court. Hence, the fee award of a multiple of the actual recovery is not often to be repeated.

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