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Bankruptcy in Mass Tort Litigation

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When a defendant in mass tort litigation files for bankruptcy, panic can ensue for those who are not prepared. The bankruptcy of one defendant may initiate an automatic stay of litigation and may require new filings and a new strategy. It will also bring a new court system - federal bankruptcy court - into the picture. 

In recent years, bankruptcy has increasingly been used as an alternative to aid traditional multidistrict litigation and handle multiple claims in a mass tort situation. Although bankruptcy was designed to give a lifeline to individuals and companies in financial distress, in recent years, bankruptcy has become a tool used by defendants in mass tort litigation to avoid or limit their liabilities or expedite the litigation and settlement process through the restructuring process.

Even the best litigation attorneys should consult with experienced attorneys and professionals with knowledge of the bankruptcy laws and the bankruptcy courts. So when a defendant in a mass tort case files for bankruptcy, it is important to have the right bankruptcy lawyers on your team. 

Skilled restructuring and insolvency lawyers not only assist with representation in federal bankruptcy court but will also advise litigants and their lawyers on strategic planning in the mass tort litigation. At Morris James, our skilled bankruptcy and restructuring team assists mass tort litigants across the U.S. 

Not only do we draw on the experience of our lawyers in the Morris James bankruptcy practice, we are uniquely situated, and distinguished from our peers, because of our experienced personal injury and litigation practitioners who provide collaborative and innovative advice to mass tort litigants and their counsel. We combine our understanding of the practical and legal considerations of injured parties and survivors with our skills as bankruptcy counsel to businesses and individuals in multiple states, often with a focus on Delaware law.

If you are involved in a mass tort lawsuit in which a defendant is threatening or has filed for bankruptcy, contact a Morris James bankruptcy attorney today.





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