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trying cases in all Delaware courts

Highly regarded for deep knowledge and understanding of Delaware law

Morris James represents clients in complex litigation in the various Delaware courts. We work on multi-faceted cases from start to finish against top-tier adversaries, with a strict focus on achieving our client's business and litigation objectives. 

Superior Legal Ability. Most importantly, we deliver solutions to clients in high-value, high-stakes litigation. Our litigation approach is comforting to clients and deeply grounded in facts and precedentnot hyperbole.

Regard by the Bench. Our litigation style, quality work product, and oral advocacy are highly regarded among the Delaware bench, as evidenced by the long list of former judges and chancellors who joined the firm. Our corporate litigation practice accelerated in 1985 when Grover Brown joined the firm after his term as Chancellor of the Court of Chancery. Since that time, many of our lawyers have been selected for the bench and we have welcomed several to the firm post-judicial appointments, including current Partner and former Vice Chancellor John Noble.

Trusted Counsel to Clients and Competitors. Our clients and competitors respect our reasoned, accurate, and focused guidance and counsel. 

Deep Bench. We have an impressive roster of lawyers from junior associates, with exceptional analytical skills, through the ranks up to our partners. Because of our deep bench, we are able to staff matters based on skillset, providing clients the best team possible. Specifically, our Partners and former Vice Chancellor John Noble offer our clients a unique perspective on cases in the Delaware Court of Chancery.

eDiscovery focus. Unlike other Delaware law firms, we have a robust, in-house eDiscovery team, who often takes the lead on eDiscovery issues in our cases. We are truly a full-service firm in this practice area.


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