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Construction Accidents

We understand the complexities involved in construction accident cases

We are committed to seeking justice and compensation for you.


Accidents occurring at construction sites can have devastating consequences, often leading to serious injury or even death. At Morris James, we understand the complexities involved in these cases and are committed to seeking justice and compensation for you.

Negligence at Construction Sites

Construction is a high-risk industry, and accidents can happen unexpectedly. Falls from heights, equipment malfunctions, and structural collapses are just some of the potential hazards faced by construction workers on a daily basis. These accidents can result in severe injuries, loss of income, and significant medical expenses. 

Unfortunately, some of the accidents at construction sites are caused by the negligence of others, such as a safety violation or inadequate training. Negligence occurs when someone fails to uphold a certain standard of care and causes harm to another person. In a construction accident lawsuit, if the plaintiff can prove that their injuries were the result of the defendant’s negligence, the defendant may be ordered to pay compensation to the plaintiff for their financial, physical, and emotional harm.

Understanding Construction Accidents Lawsuits

In the realm of personal injury law, construction accident lawsuits are complex and can involve huge financial loss for a victim or defendant. Construction accident claims often involve multiple parties including construction companies, equipment manufacturers, property owners, and insurance companies. Each of these companies and their lawyers are prepared to fight the injured victim to protect their own reputation and business. This can leave the victim in a very vulnerable position while they are also trying to recover from their injuries and pay mounting medical bills. A good construction accident lawyer can help level the playing field and ensure the victim’s voice is heard.

The legal landscape of construction accident lawsuits is equally complex. Construction accidents typically involve federal and state regulations such as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and state workers’ compensation laws, as well as general concepts of tort law that are applicable in any personal injury case. Navigating these complexities requires the support of a skilled legal team, like the construction accident attorneys at Morris James. We have successfully secured substantial settlements for clients who have suffered injuries due to accidents at construction sites and elsewhere. After your construction accident, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and maximize your potential compensation.

At Morris James, our attorneys have been standing up for victims since we opened our doors in 1932. If you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of a construction accident or you have questions about this topic, you may find answers in our Construction Accident FAQs. You can also contact us online or call us 302.655.2599 to learn more.




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