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Court Of Chancery Determines Fee In A Transitory Property Case

Baker v. Sadiq, C.A. 9464-VCL (August 16, 2016)

When a derivative suit is settled in connection with a merger that cashed out minority stockholders, it makes sense to have the settlement proceeds go to those stockholders in proportion to their ownership. Thus, if they owed 10% of the stock and the majority owner is the party funding a settlement, the former stockholders get 10% of a settlement. How then is the attorney fee award for creating that benefit to be calculated? This decision holds that the fee should be based on just the amount of the actual benefit received by the former stockholders.


Court Of Chancery Explains When Director May Bring An Advancement Case

IN RE Genelux Corporation, C.A. 10612-VCP (October 22, 2015)

This is another example of when a director may seek advancement when he is acting affirmatively and not merely as a defendant.


Court Of Chancery Explains “By Reason Of The Fact” Test

Lieberman v. Electrolytic Ozone Inc., C.A. 10152-VCN ( August 31, 2015)

Former directors are entitled to advancement when they are sued “by reason of the fact” that they acted as directors in committing allegedly bad conduct. That test can be hard to apply. However, as this case makes clear, when the underlying acts occurred post-termination, it is hard to claim that advancement is warranted.


Court Of Chancery Explains Recent Fee Award Ranges

Posted In Class Actions

In Re Jefferies Group Inc. Shareholders Litigation, C.A. No. 8059-CB (June 5, 2015)

This is an important decision for several reasons. More ›


Court Of Chancery Awards Major Fee

In re Activision Blizzard Inc. Stockholder Litigation, C.A. 8885-VCL (May 20, 2015, revised May 21, 2015)

This decision will be remembered for the very large fee it awarded to some very entrepreneurial lawyers who risked their all to win a big case. More ›

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